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Stipe Perica speaks about his signing, will head out on loan this season

The Croatian media is also giving us an idea of what Perica cost, and it's far less than I expected

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Today has been busy with loan news already, and now we've got talk of yet another player likely spending the year away from Stamford Bridge. Stipe Perica hasn't been here long enough for most of you to get to know him, but already he's talking about how happy he is to have joined*:

*A big tip of the hat here has to go out to @Blue_Revolt1986, who always manages to find this sort of stuff

I think I'm in the moment, the happiest man in the world. I could not even dream that I would become a Chelsea player. However, my dreams have become reality. I signed a contract with Chelsea for five years, but I will because of the inability to immediately get a work permit in England somewhere on loan. More I know about it the next day. I did a training with Chelsea and I can say that I'm delighted to have received me up. Most to me in those first moments helped Branislav Ivanovic, immediately gave me his cell phone number and said to call him whatever I need. I got a Chelsea shirt signed by all the players.

He was also impressed when he met Jose Mourinho:

The man I looked up yesterday on television in the finals of the Champions League was in front of me. We shook hands, and he was welcomed, he said that I have every day to train hard and he expects to soon appearances for Chelsea. I remained fascinated by, what else. I have to listen to Mourinho, score goals on loan and return to Chelsea

No price was originally reported for the Perica transfer when it happened, but today the Croatian media is reporting that it may have been significantly lower than we really could have hoped. To land a young talent of that quality for less than three weeks worth of Fernando's massive wage would be impressive, and really take away whatever minimal risk there was involved with the deal to begin with .

I was expecting to see Perica working with the U21 side this season, but it appears he'll still need a work permit despite Croatia joining the EU this summer. I suppose that means we should probably start watching for loan rumors involving Perica, and I'm sure there will be plenty of clubs with interest.

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