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Chelsea still negotiating with Inter over a Wallace loan, nothing to the Napoli rumors

Wallace's agent confirmed today that talks are still ongoing, and that the Napoli rumors were just that

Thananuwat Srirasant

If the comments of Wallace's agent are anything to go by, we're getting awfully close to a deal between Chelsea and Inter being finalized. Frederico Moreas had the following to say about what this season holds for Wallace:

"Can these be the decisive days for the transfer to Inter? I hope so."

"The deal is not closed yet, but we are continuing negotiations. I prefer not to pick a date of the possible transfer to Inter."

"I can say we want to finalize everything as soon as possible, because it would be important for Wallace to be at the disposal of the coach and settle into his new environment."

Moreas also had the following to say about Napoli's rumored interest in the player:

"Yesterday newspaper reports circulated that Napoli were interested, but to be honest those were just rumors. Napoli showed interest in the lad a year ago, but then there was the move from Fluminense to Chelsea."

Although our last manager's rotation policy would have meant Wallace would certainly see minutes, I'm far from disappointed that we won't be sending one of our youngsters to the Spaniard. I'd much rather take our chances with Wallace earning a place in Inter's system than be forced to watch Napoli's new boss stumping about the sidelines.

Here's hoping this deal gets done quickly, and that Wallace settles in without too much trouble. Inter needs a dynamic wide player like Wallace very badly, and he'd almost certainly get enough minutes to make this deal worthwhile.

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