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Ron Gourlay reiterates that neither David Luiz or Juan Mata are for sale

Hopefully these comments put these stories to bed

Chris Brunskill

Are you one of the fans that doesn't trust Jose Mourinho when he says he doesn't plan to sell Juan Mata or David Luiz? Luckily for you, Neil Ashton has some quotes from Ron Gourlay reiterating what Mourinho has said:

At this point in the transfer window, I think it's fairly obvious that neither of these players should be for sale. David Luiz would be difficult to replace anyway, and at this point in the window, it would be next to impossible. Mata at least plays in a position of depth, but selling a first choice player in the window's final days doesn't seem like a brilliant idea. While I doubt this ends the media nonsense, it's good to hear nonetheless.

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