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Newcastle reportedly looking to bring back Demba Ba, but only on loan

I don't think this is very likely, but apparently Newcastle would welcome the Chelsea man back

Jamie McDonald

According to The Independent, Newcastle United would like to bring back Demba Ba to help ensure they stay in the Premier League after the 2013/14 season. The paper is claiming that the club have interest in a season long loan, which would obviously be dependent on Chelsea signing another striker in the window's final days.

The rumor makes plenty of sense from Newcastle's perspective, as the player is already familiar with the club, manager, and surroundings. He's not some emerging young talent that would need a fair amount of time to adjust, he's a known commodity that would immediately step into the Newcastle starting lineup.

Unfortunately for the Magpies, this deal makes far less sense for Chelsea. While Ba seems likely to be the odd man out at Chelsea, it's less because of a lack of quality and more due to the unmovable nature of Fernando Torres. Should the Blues decide to part ways with the Senegalese, there should be no shortage of potential buyers out there willing to give Chelsea at least the same amount they paid for him in January.

If Chelsea decide to loan instead of sell, I'd imagine the reasoning would be that a good season would increase his value. With a loan to Newcastle, I would imagine Chelsea would likely still have to cover some of his wages. Many other clubs would surely be interested and capable of absorbing they entire hit, making Newcastle a pretty unlikely destination for that loan in my opinion.

This rumor reminds me an awful lot of the Juan Mata/Atletico Madrid rumor we heard several days ago. Of course Newcastle would have interest in taking Demba Ba on loan, but I just don't see the motivation that Chelsea would have to do that. Unless the Magpies have suddenly come into enough money to pay a substantial loan fee and take on his entire wage, Chelsea just wouldn't get enough out of this deal to make it worth really considering.

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