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Jose Mourinho puts Wayne Rooney on the clock, will move on shortly

Mourinho had some new comments about a potential Wayne Rooney transfer, with the manager putting the player under pressure to hand in a transfer request

Alex Livesey

After our last game, Jose Mourinho told us that there would be no further bids for Wayne Rooney until after today's game, so naturally we all expected to hear something on the subject after the whistle blew. Jose didn't disappoint, and was very blunt with his comments on the matter.

With the deadline just a week away, it's no surprise that Mourinho wants closure to this as soon as possible. I think most of us felt all along that nothing was ever going to happen here without the player making some sort of public statement on the matter, and it sounds as if Chelsea are ready to move on if no such statement comes forth.

I'm sure Rooney realizes this, and if he's ever going to push for a move, he might as well start doing so now that the Chelsea game has been played. If he doesn't, I'd guess we'll spend the next week discussing other options such as Jackson Martinez, Samuel Eto'o, and hopefully Burak Yilmaz. The clock is ticking Wayne...

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