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What does Jose Mourinho think of all this Juan Mata talk?

The boss made sure to clear up the nonsense the media has been running with lately, making it very clear that Juan Mata is staying

Alex Livesey

Were you one of the many fans hoping that Jose Mourinho would put all this silly transfer talk about Juan Mata to bed today? If you were, Mourinho has given you plenty of reason to celebrate.

The Manchester United link at least made a little bit of sense, but of late we've been hearing ridiculous stories such as a loan to Atletico Madrid or a sale to Tottenham Hotspur. The statement from Mourinho couldn't be much clearer, however, and I'd fully expect Juan Mata to be here for our next league game.

With a Juan Mata move ruled out, I'd expect the outgoing player focus to shift to Victor Moses and Demba Ba. I'd be perfectly happy if all that talk got squashed as soon as possible too, but that's probably just me.

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