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Mourinho on Willian: 'We have to do a medical'

The Chelsea boss has confirmed that we still have to complete a medical with the Brazilian, adding more confirmation to the reports of the past 24 hours


During Jose Mourinho's press conference this morning, the subject of Willian was inevitably going to come up. It did, and here's what he had to say:

If the past 24 hours have taught us anything, it's that no deal is done until all of the paperwork has been completed. It's also taught us that Mourinho has a bit of a sense of humor, as his answer to this particular question made me spit coffee all over myself.

It does sound as if the confirmation of a deal with Willian is coming awfully soon, as I really can't see Tottenham swooping back in and topping the wages we offered to the player. Love the idea or hate it, I'd get used to the idea of Willian at Chelsea.

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