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Report: Willian completed Tottenham medical, rejects Spurs anyway


Scott Heavey

The Willian story that has unfolded over the course of the past 24 hours has been absolutely fascinating, with the player being in Tottenham's facilities for his medical when Chelsea swooped in with interest in taking the Brazilian to another part of London. Last night it leaked that the interest came from the owner himself, and this morning The Guardian have the following to add:

Big news about Willian's proposed move to the Premier League: word from a very reliable source has just filtered through to Guardian Towers that the Brazilian midfielder will not - repeat not - be moving to Tottenham. Despite completing a medical at White Hart Lane, he is no longer interested in a move to Spurs. In so far as you can presume anything in this game, it would appear he's off to Chelsea instead.

This is just an unbelievable development if true, as you'd have to assume all of the framework for a deal at Spurs was in place if he was already taking his medical. After knocking Tottenham out of the Champions League two seasons ago and then promptly hijacking their deal for Oscar, this would be another in the recent history of doing whatever it takes to endear the Blues to Arsenal fans after the Ashley Cole episode of years ago.

Personally, the idea of adding WIllian to the mix at Stamford Bridge is both exciting and confusing at the same time. I've been a big fan of Willian for an awfully long time, and I think he'd quickly establish himself as a starter here despite the presence of so much other talent. That said, he'd be pretty expensive for a very minor upgrade, and we have plenty of needs that are far more pressing at the moment.

Regardless, Spurs seem to have missed out on a very good player that would have made them a far better team this season, and any time that happens, I smile.

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