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Jose Mourinho says Chelsea will wait on another Wayne Rooney bid until next week

The Blues boss has confirmed we aren't done chasing Rooney, but said we won't be making a bid ahead of our clash with the Manchester club

Michael Steele

After the less than stellar display from Demba Ba this evening, the subject of Wayne Rooney was definitely going to come up. Jose Mourinho was very direct with his answer when the inevitable question came, and had the following to say about Chelsea's pursuit of the United player:

‘We want to do something with Rooney,but we will be ethical and not interfere with Manchester United by bidding on him before we play them next week – the board agrees with me on this.’

It's funny that Mourinho points out that we won't be making a move for the player ahead of our game with United, but specifically mentions that we'll be coming back for more discussions before the window closes. That's going to leave United in a difficult place ahead of next Monday's contest, as by all accounts, the player wants the move as well.

Where this goes from here is anyone's guess, but I'd certainly find it hard to believe that we'll see a move for a backup plan before Monday after today's comments from the boss. How David Moyes and Manchester United react will also be fascinating, and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the striker begin the game on the bench now. Want Rooney or not, these next few days are going to be an awful lot of fun ahead of Monday's match at Old Trafford.

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