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It's not "Rooney or bust" for Chelsea, according to Jose Mourinho

No more "Rooney or bust" at Stamford Bridge

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Michael Steele

It wouldn't be an August press conference if we didn't have a mention of Chelsea's transfer plans. Jose Mourinho was asked today about whether or not he had a backup plan in mind should Manchester United continue to be unwilling to sell Wayne Rooney to the Blues, and he had the following to say in response:

"We have plan B and C. Don’t ask me names because it is difficult to speak about players from other clubs."

Jose may be putting pressure on United to accept a bid if they are going to, or he may be dropping subtle hints to other targets that they aren't the only one on our radar. Whatever his intention, you can be certain that there was thought behind the decision to answer the question at all.

After watching Fernando Torres continue to pose little threat to the Hull City goal on Sunday*, I think it's fairly clear that Chelsea would benefit from one more addition to the center of the attack. With that in mind, it's certainly good news that Chelsea have identified alternatives to the Manchester United forward.

*Although he did have a relatively nice game overall despite that fact

Instead of speculating at this point about who these alternatives are (we'll certainly do that at a later time), we're going to ask today who you would be targeting in Mourinho's shoes. Go ahead and fill out the google document embedded below, and feel free to discuss your opinion in the comments. Please do so in a civil fashion though, ok?

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