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Samuel Eto'o agrees to remain at Anzhi, according to his coach

Dmitry Korotayev

Ever since Anzhi made it clear that they were looking to massively reduce their wage bill, Chelsea have been linked with one of Mourinho's former players, Samuel Eto'o. Eto'o fanned the flames a bit by confirming that enjoyed his time with the happy one, but today we have some cold water to toss on those recently fanned flames.

Anzhi coach Gadzhi Gadzhiev (I swear, I didn't make that name up) had the following to say when asked about the mass exodus expected at the Russian club:

‘Eto’o will stay. He has reached an agreement with the owner and will continue his career with Anzhi.’

With rumors swirling that Eto'o was paid his full salary in advance, it's not the most surprising to hear he's likely one of the few players staying. While the club would almost certainly want to get some of that money back, I'd find it hard to believe that Eto'o would willingly give back the majority of his world record salary in order to leave without at least putting up some resistance.

That said, there is still enough time left in the window that if a good proposal comes in, I'm sure a deal with the club can be worked out. I wouldn't rule a move for Eto'o out just yet, but based on this comment by the Anzhi coach, I'd guess our interest isn't quite as serious as some would imply.

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