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Mourinho: Luiz will not be sold, happy with Eto'o comments

The 'happy one' is pleased that Samuel Eto'o would like to work with him again, and reiterates that David Luiz is in his plans at Chelsea

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Jose Mourinho spoke to the media today about several topics, and the most notable things to come up was the subject of David Luiz. Duncan Castles wrote some nonsense about Chelsea placing a big price tag on the Brazilian yesterday, and Jose made sure to set the record straight this afternoon that no such thing has actually happened.

"No chance he is going to leave. He is a player we want to keep. He is a player with four years on his contract, he just signed a contract last year.  We like him. He is an important player for the club and the club is not ready to sell him for any price."

It seems pretty clear at this point that Mourinho has no intention to sell the Brazilian, especially with the fact that both Kenneth Omeruo and Tomas Kalas are currently out injured. With very little top talent available at center back this window, it makes no sense for Chelsea to consider a sale at any price. Even Dani Alves seems bright enough to have picked up on this, so it shouldn't surprise anyone when he's with Chelsea beyond the deadline.

Mourinho also went on to touch on the latest rumors about Samuel Eto'o, and his comments that he'd love the chance to work with Jose again:

"I am always happy that somebody that worked with me previously is happy to be back and work with me again. That is a good feeling that I have, when I read something that Samuel is keen. It is fantastic for us, but we are going to see what happens."

The fact that Mourinho left the door ajar for a move is interesting, as he's been very blunt about what the club are or are not looking to do in the transfer market thus far. I wouldn't be thrilled with an Eto'o move as plan A, but if we're simply taking a wait and see approach there, I wouldn't be entirely against it.

What's more exciting about that comment is the fact that we seem to have moved away from Rooney or bust, and that we'd now be willing to look at other targets if United decide to hold on to Rooney. I'd recommend turning our attention further south though, as there's a fantastic, cheaper option currently plying his trade at Galatasaray.

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