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Mark Schwarzer photograph leads to speculation he's signed with Chelsea FC

This one came out of left field, but would be an interesting fit for Chelsea

Matt King

Twitter has exploded over the past several minutes with "news" that Mark Schwarzer has joined Chelsea FC. This all seems to be coming from a single image captured with Schwarzer sitting at Chelsea HQ.

This is an interesting development, as just yesterday we were reading about Chelsea's failed pursuit of Norwich City keeper John Ruddy. Schwarzer would seem to be an easier target to sign, as he's out of contract at the moment and would simply require personal terms to be sorted.

As a fit, he'd be nearly ideal. At 40, he's likely not expecting to be first choice at a massive club. He'd probably require no more than a one-year deal, and his wage certainly wouldn't be outlandish. He'd potentially take his very good seat to watch Chelsea every week, collect a nice check, and step aside for Thibaut Courtois in 2014.

The only real downside with Schwarzer would be that he'd require an international slot. Having the backup keeper qualify as homegrown would be ideal, although I suppose it's not entirely necessary. Homegrown spot or no, I'd fully support the idea of landing the Australian on a one-year contract to back up Petr Cech. Here's hoping that's why he's been pictured at Chelsea HQ.

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