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Add Inter to the list of clubs looking to acquire Wallace on loan

Wallace's agent spoke a bit about interest in his client today, despite the player training with the Chelsea first team

Claudio Villa

Loan news has been coming fast and furious over the past several weeks, and the agent for our new right back Wallace sounds as if he didn't want to be left out of the rumor mill. He made a few comments abouot loan interest today, and Sky Sports ran them a little while ago:

"There has been a lot of talk about him, and Inter have now emerged, too, but at the moment there are no concrete offers."

"The interest from (Roma sporting director, Walter) Sabatini is not a mystery but no concrete offers have arrived. Until you reach this point, there is no point in talking about a transfer."

We've known about Roma's interest for a while, but Inter are a relatively new one as a loan destination. Reports circulating prior to Wallace completing his move to Chelsea indicated that both Napoli and Inter were interested in acquiring him, but that was on a permanent basis as opposed to a temporary one.

I'd be leery about sending Wallace to Inter, as I'm just not sure he'd be ready for significant minutes there at this point. If he does happen to be ready for significant time at a club of that level, he'd probably also be more than capable of contributing here at Chelsea. I feel a loan move for Wallace is probably going to happen, and I'd be less concerned with maximizing the quality of competition at this point than I would be about simply getting the player settled in Europe and out on the pitch.

That said, the interest being shown by some of Serie A's better sides is encouraging, as the player would count towards their limit of non-EU players. Most of us just haven't seen enough of the player to have more than a general idea of what he can do, but it's pretty rare to see clubs of this level clamoring for a loan of a player without significant current ability. I'm excited to see more of him during the club's pre-season tour of Asia, as my interest is now very much piqued.

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