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Chelsea specialists helping to check out Bruma's heart condition

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Martin Rose

Chelsea's specialists are helping to check out Jeffrey Bruma after his transfer to PSV Eindhoven was (temporarily) derailed by the discovery of a heart condition during his medical -- he's still our player, for now, and we we're helping to take care of him. Happily, at the moment this doesn't sound like too big a concern -- all parties are just going to thoroughly vet the issue rather than rush into a decision. Football teams are risk-averse enough that rushing into a decision would almost certainly result in a 'no'.

The fact that we're still in early July means that there's plenty of time for PSV to do their due diligence on this buy and ensure that Bruma has a long and healthy career. If we'd tried selling him right at the deadline then we (and Bruma) would be kind of screwed. As it is, this sounds like a problem that can be worked around given enough time and testing, which will leave him with more playing time and Chelsea with a little bit of cash plus a buyback option. The deal's not dead; it just needs a little more work.