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The Cavani latest -- are Chelsea out on the striker?

Claudio Villa

Because what you needed today was another Edinson Cavani update. More updates! We demand them nonstop. Tancredi, take us away!

Interesting. Is it true? Here are a list of reasons that Chelsea might be out on Edinson Cavani:

  • He has been sold to another team.
  • His price has changed.
  • Cavani has changed.
  • Chelsea's needs have changed.
  • A new, more attractive target has become available.

Since he obviously has not yet been sold -- the rumours of Paris Saint-Germain rumours persist, with some reports claiming that the Parisians have activated his buyout clause -- we can rule out option one. Similarly, the buyout means that his cost cannot change until the clause expires in August. Two down. He didn't pick up an injury at the Confederations Cup, so he's still the same Cavani. Three down.

That leaves options four and five, which are plausible but not likely. It's possible that the acquisition of Andre Schurrle has given Jose Mourinho enough depth at centre forward (Schurrle could feasibly be an option as a fourth-choice there) that the club is no longer interested in spending big money at centre forward. It's also possibly that a name like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Robert Lewandowski or Luis Suarez -- if we're feeling cheeky -- has become available.

But those aren't very likely, and so there's no reason for Chelsea to be out at this point. Either they were never really in it and remain not in it, or they were and still are. There's not a lot of room for in-betweens.

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