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AS claim Luis Suarez to Chelsea is imminent, are probably speaking nonsense

Mike Hewitt

This is... interesting. And not interesting in the 'this is likely happen' sort of way. AS linking Luis Suarez to Chelsea is interesting in that it's so absurd that it'll draw conversation, which means that I get to stare bemused at my computer screen for a while and think up things to say about it. Seriously, Luis Suarez. To Chelsea. For €40 million. And this is an 'AS has learned' special, too.

What should you make of this? Honestly, not much at all. The Spanish press has hardly distinguished itself this summer, and this certainly isn't something that should make you convinced that a move is going to happen. Suarez is obviously a good striker, but his conduct is unbecoming of a vertebrate and I wouldn't have wanted him anywhere near my club even if he hadn't, oh, I don't know... bitten a Chelsea player last season.

As Steve pointed out on Twitter, AS and company have shown a distinct knack for annoying the Blues lately, and the Suarez link seems like another troll job. Please don't take it seriously unless something changes -- and in this case I won't believe anything until one of the clubs confirms they're talking.

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