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Report: Jeffrey Bruma medical shows heart condition

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We knew that something slightly odd had come up in Jeffrey Bruma's medical with PSV, but we didn't really know the scope of it. If you'll recall, Bruma is set to be sold for €3 million after failing to break into the Chelsea squad, but obviously if he doesn't pass his medical, he's not going anywhere. So... how bad is it?

That sounds... pretty not-good, actually. Obviously, I don't know the scope of the heart condition, but that's obviously nothing to be messed around with. At this point, it becomes less about hoping that Bruma can pass the medical so that the deal can be done and more about hoping that someone we've been following from a young age is healthy and able to keep playing football without any major health risks.

Hopefully this is a false alarm, but no matter what... good luck, Jeffrey. We're pulling for you.

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