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Report: Inter Milan closing in on Wallace loan

The Brazilian fullback has long been rumored to be on the way to Italy, and with Roma now seemingly out, Inter seems the most likely destination

Thananuwat Srirasant

Wallace was one of the more impressive Chelsea youngsters during the preseason tour of Asia, but the club's depth at right back combined with the unlikely work permit status of the player always made a loan deal very likely. Italy seemed a prime destination for the Brazilian to spend the 2013/14 season, and according to The Daily Mail, it now sounds as if the club in question will be Inter.

Both Inter and Roma seemed like logical destinations for Wallace to land, as both clubs (along with Napoli) had serious interest in signing him on a permanent basis before Chelsea finalized a deal with Fluminense last spring. After Roma added Maicon and Napoli played hardball on Edinson Cavani's transfer fee, Inter always seemed like the club where he'd eventually end up.

After an absolutely awful 2012/13 season, Inter won't be playing European football this year. Their defensive unit is also very short on quality (although the 39-year old Zanetti still impresses when used somewhat sparingly), so Wallace would have a real chance at earning a bunch of minutes at the club.

Serie A isn't the league it was jut 5 seasons ago, but there is still a good amount of quality there and it should prove to be an excellent test for the player if The Daily Mail is correct. If they are and Wallace impresses, the work permit problem won't likely be much of an issue going forward.

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