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PSG in on Cavani? Probably not

Robert Cianflone

There's been some chatter about Paris Saint-Germain trying to weasel in on Edinson Cavani (if 'weaseling in' can be used when we're talking about paying tens of millions of Euros to buy someone). This didn't really make much sense, because PSG already have an ace striker in Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and also because it's not true:

We have not had a direct offer from PSG. Napoli is a very rich club and we comply with financial fair play. We don't need to sell any of our players. If someone wants to buy Cavani, they must pay 63million euros, net. Not one euro less than 63million euros.

-Aurelio de Laurentiis. Source: Sky Sports.

I think that the PSG rumour is mostly because people are bored of linking Chelsea and Real Madrid to Cavani and needed to add someone else to spice it up. That's the problem with having a set release clause -- there's absolutely nothing interesting that can happen until said release clause is met. The saga so far is a tale told by idiots*, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

*Yes, I'm an idiot for continuing to pay attention to this.

If you want my guess, Cavani will stay at Napoli unless Chelsea do something desperate. I don't see us as likely to, and I definitely can't see another club doing it. But, you know, if PSG wanna go crazy and buy him I'm sure we'd be happy to take Ibra off their hands for a cut rate.

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