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According to his agent, Bruma has a €12 million contract offer on the table

We're still probably weeks away from hearing where he'll play next season, but the numbers being bandied about should rule out quite a few clubs

Phil Cole

It's been a few hours since we had an update on the status of Sporting Lisbon's Bruma, but luckily one of his agents is around to provide us some quotes. Catio Balde had some claims about the sort of contracts being offered to the player, courtesy of A Bola:

"Bruma is no terrorist finance, not here for money, but he's also young and has the right to hear proposals ... Just to give you an idea, Bruma has a proposal of a club for a five-year contract for 12 million euros. What is the club? I will not say, because the lawyer so decided."

That sounds like a big number, but when you break it down, it's not all that scary. A 5-year, €12 million contract breaks down to just €2.4 million per season, or just over €46,000 per week. Converted to the more commonly used pound sterling, that's about £39,800 per week. That's not a ton of money for the Blues to shell out for a top prospect (especially when he could be on a free), so it's certainly reasonable to assume that the Blues could be this "mystery team".

Galatasaray have supposedly been in on Bruma as well, but A Bola touches on what they've supposedly offered the player:

Balde also reveals that the director general of Galatasaray managed to break through the hotel's National Team U20 in Turkey, where he played the World Cup, and talk to Bruma, who offered a contract of 1.5 million euros a year clean.

If this is correct, then it would seem that Gala don't actually have the best financial proposal on the table at the moment. Combined with the fact that the Super Lig doesn't have the draw of England, it's hard to picture the Turkish side being Bruma's preferred destination if he's indeed deemed to be out of contract.

Balde had a bit more on the clubs interested in Bruma, and seemingly confirmed the news that we already had on Chelsea's offer for the player:

"After Galatasaray appeared Marseille, Schalke and Chelsea, who offered two million euro Sporting considered ridiculous, and I also believe."

The €2 million offer is certainly well below the player's value, even considering the fact that he might be out of contract. Sporting would certainly be better off taking their chances with the courts than taking that sort of fee, unless Chelsea spice up the deal with some sort of incentives or players on loan.

It's entirely possible (if not probable) that the €12 million offer mentioned by Balde doesn't really exist, and that he's simply using the media to convince both Chelsea and Gala to up their respective proposals. Regardless, it sounds as if Sporting have dug in, and that it will probably be several weeks before we see real movement on this front. Stay tuned...

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