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Catalan press report Bayern Munich are targeting David Luiz, surprisingly it turns out to be garbage

The Catalan press are inventing rumors to 'unsettle' Jose Mourinho? Shocking!

Jasper Juinen

Did any of you read the reports in yesterday's Spanish press that Bayern Munich were targeting David Luiz? I think most reasonable human beings put two and two together yesterday, and realized that those "reports" were a bunch of trash. For those that didn't, here's a bit of confirmation from Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer:

"There is absolutely no interest from our side. He is not one of our targets."

Surprised? You shouldn't be. David Luiz is a fantastic player, and he's under contract for a considerable amount of time. Chelsea would be foolish to even consider selling the Brazilian, especially given the fact that he's by far our best current option at the position, and that we really need to add depth in that regard anyway.

The Spanish press are generally unreliable at best, and their close affiliations with certain clubs often see them making up stories with the benefit of those clubs in mind. Despite Chelsea not being domestic rivals to any Spanish club, the entire Spanish media seems to have taken issue with Jose Mourinho. Would they go out of their way to try to cause him continued trouble? From the looks of this offseason, I'd have to think they would.

I wouldn't expect to see the David Luiz or Juan Mata rumors end anytime in the near future, as they are excellent players whom (sane) Chelsea fans would be loathe to see leave the club. We'll keep seeing them though, because "news"papers like Sport most certainly have an agenda. Keep up the garbage work, Spanish's what you do best.

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