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Bruma's agent expects resolution very soon, could a Chelsea move be imminent?

We have some fresh quotes from the player's agent which would indicate that a move may be closer than it was just a few days ago

Stanley Chou

It's been a few days since we had any sort of news involving our pursuit of Sporting Lisbon player Bruma, but in the midst of all this talk about friendlies and Wayne Rooney, we have a fresh quote from the player's agent today. On the situation with his current club and the potential of a move in the near future:

"It is not a pleasant situation for a young man to be in when there is a tug-of-war, but I think the coming days there will be news. We are all committed to trying to resolve the situation so everybody is happy."

-Catio Balde

The Metro decided to run that with an overly sensational headline, which the quote unfortunately doesn't back up. It does sound as if one of the clubs interested in Bruma is making progress though, and with the player's preference reportedly being a Chelsea switch, one would reasonably assume that the progress is likely being made with the Blues.

While Chelsea may well be able to save a few pounds by waiting for Bruma's case to be resolved, it might be in the best interest of all parties involved to step in with a semi-reasonable offer. Getting something done that saves years of potential legal issues would be best for all parties involved, and it would allow the player to get settled into life at his new club sooner rather than later.

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