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If Wayne Rooney actually wants a Chelsea switch, it's time to hand in a transfer request

With Chelsea confirming their interest in the player, the ball is in Rooney's court if he wants to force United's hand

Laurence Griffiths

If you're a fan of the idea of Chelsea acquiring Wayne Rooney, today has to be an awfully exciting day for you. We started off with the news that Chelsea had lodged a ridiculous player plus cash bid for Manchester United's talisman, and soon had confirmation that a cash-only bid had actually been placed.

After that we had the news that Untied were sending their CEO back to England, and Jose Mourinho confirmed that Rooney is his primary target. We've yet to hear official confirmation that this bid has been rejected, but most of the media is implying that this is the case.

While it's not certain whether or not Ed Woodward has left Australia in order to deal with a potential Rooney transfer, Rooney himself can increase the pressure on him to do so before he ever steps off of his flight. How does he do that? By simply turning in a written transfer request and making sure the media is well aware of it.

Most reports out there indicate that a transfer request would cost Rooney substantial money in loyalty payments. The player clearly doesn't want that, and it's perfectly understandable. United would certainly want him to do just that ahead of any transfer, as Rooney's loss is the club's financial gain. By handing in a formal request to be transferred, Rooney would seemingly be offering an olive branch to his current club.

The concession of money wouldn't be the only thing a transfer request does though, as it would put pressure from the fanbase on Woodward to sell the player. With an offer from a direct domestic rival going public this morning, a transfer request from Rooney just hours later would certainly upset his fans. Those fans will surely turn on Rooney, if they haven't already.

I'm sure the last thing that Rooney wants to do is give up a bunch of money by turning in that request. At this point though, I really feel that a potential transfer to Chelsea is probably dependent on it. Whether or not Chelsea intended for their bid to be made public, the bid is now out there and confirmed, and Mourinho has made it public that Chelsea are all in on the Englishman. By making it virtually impossible to reconcile with both the club and it's fanbase, he'd probably assure he gets his move.

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