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It's time to move on -- Edinson Cavani officially joins PSG

So now that the Edinson Cavani transfer saga has ended, I'm sure we'll start to hear the Wayne Rooney rumors pick up steam

Giuseppe Bellini

It's been all but confirmed for the past week or so that Edinson Cavani would be joining PSG instead of Real Madrid, Chelsea, or Manchester City. PSG have taken care of that "all but" portion today, confirming the signing of Cavani on a shiny new contract in a press conference streamed on their official site.

With both Falcao and Cavani taking their talents to Ligue 1, the two most talked about center forwards on the market are now effectively out of reach. Robert Lewandowski appears to be all but signed with Bayern Munich, taking a third hot commodity off the table for the Blues.

There are rumors that the enigmatic Zlatan Ibrahimovic could be looking at yet another transfer, but at the moment it's a bit unclear just how seriously we should be taking those reports. If Zlatan isn't a real option, there isn't really another world-class striker that the Blues can target this summer. Romelu Lukaku, it looks as if you'll get your chance to shine...

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