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Juan Mata says reassuring things

Christopher Lee

I know there are lots of people worried by the prospect that Chelsea might sell Juan Mata, even though it makes sense for virtually nobody. Football fans -- especially Chelsea supporters -- are natural pessimists, assuming things will go wrong even when there's no logical reason to do so. It's mostly charming, but occasionally quite silly.

So, for the pessimists, here are some quotes from Mata himself about the situation. Maybe they'll calm things down:

Here are the three main options we can choose to believe:

  1. Jose Mourinho doesn't like little playmakers and wants Mata sold, no matter how good he is. This would also require the consent of Michael Emenalo.
  2. Chelsea are so strapped for cash that they need to sell their most precious asset.
  3. Mata's not going anywhere.

I'd be stunned if the outcome of this little saga was anything but a contract extension. Mata doesn't want to go and you'd have to believe some pretty weird things about the club to convince yourself they're looking to sell him. Now that we've had reassuring words from the man himself, we're going to stop fretting about it, right?

Who am I kidding? Of course we won't.

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