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Thibaut Courtois to remain at Atletico Madrid next season

Angel Martinez

More news from the Belgium national teamers. Thibaut Courtois will not be returning to Stamford Bridge and Chelsea just yet -- instead, he's set for another year of being incredible at Atletico Madrid:

This move makes quite a lot of sense -- La Liga is a high enough level to challenge the goalkeeper, especially considering he has to play against Real Madrid and Barcelona so often, and the fact that he'll make the Champions League group stages outweighs the loss of playing Premier League football with a mid-table team, which was the other likely option. I'm assuming that this decision was made after a chat with Jose Mourinho, who was apparently in Belgium to watch their 2-1 win against Serbia and is probably partially motivated by Courtois' prospects of starting for his country in the upcoming World Cup.

Following the conclusion of this loan, Courtois will have been with Atletico for three years -- 60 percent of the contract he originally signed with Chelsea. He's clearly the long-term future at goalkeeper, and the club needs to lock him down, so my guess is we'll see a contract extension this summer, possibly as soon as the loan is officially announced.

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