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Lukaku claims he'll remain with Chelsea next season

Matt Sullivan

It's definitely sounding like Romelu Lukaku will be staying at Chelsea for next season. The striker held talks with Jose Mourinho following Belgium's 2-1 win against Serbia, and... well, you can see the results for yourself:

I always said my ambition was to play for Chelsea, and now I will go back to Stamford Bridge and try and play even more games than I did at West Brom. If I can score a few early on, it can turn into a really good season for me.

I have had a good conversation with Jose Mourinho, and I know it's up to me to show I'm worth a place. It is the World Cup next year, and I need to be playing. But if I don't get in the Chelsea team often enough, then I won't deserve to be in the national squad.

I am not afraid of that. I am determined to succeed with Chelsea next season. I want to prove myself. People will compare me with Didier Drogba, and he was always my hero. But I am my own man, and I want to be known for what I do.

-Source: Mail.

That's some great sentiment from Lukaku, who's always struck me as having a good head on his shoulders. After talking to the boss, he's ready to take a big gamble on his chances, even though he knows he's by no means entitled to a spot at the World Cup. Mourinho has clearly convinced him that he's got a shot at consistent playing time, even though it doesn't sound like he'll be the main man (might Edinson Cavani), which bodes well for how he handles the Kevin de Bruyne situation.

Lukaku being back at Stamford Bridge means that should the Blues bring in another striker they won't ever have to go through the 'we only have one centre forward and he's out of form' nonsense we dealt with last year ever again. If Mourinho's decided that he's ready to contribute, we're in for some exciting times.

PS: That's some good motivating, Jose.

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