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Napoli, Chelsea close to Cavani deal -- Mediaset

Giuseppe Bellini

Exciting news out of Italy regarding the Cavani situation today -- rumour has it that Napoli and Chelsea are very close to agreeing on a fee for Edinson Cavani, with the striker also keen on a switch to Stamford Bridge. Before we get into details, it's important to remind everyone that the Italian transfer mill is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and things that are reported as done are by no means guaranteed. With that disclaimer, let's dive in.

Mediaset appears to be reporting the following:

  • Chelsea have put in a high, cash-only (in the region of €55 million-€58 million bid for Cavani.
  • Cavani is interested in being coached by Jose Mourinho.
  • Real Madrid are the other team that's lodged a sizable bid, but they're not in the running because they're insisting on a part exchange.

This is exciting news, if true. There are also rumours swirling that Napoli are starting to throw around bids for other players, which would imply that they're expecting the Cavani cash to materialise soon -- although those rumours could be simply being whipped up to take advantage of this one. No matter what, though, we know Chelsea are interested in Cavani and are talking to Napoli, so the scenario as reported by Mediaset doesn't seem totally crazy. Note that City, after spending silly money on Jesus Navas and Fernandinho, do not appear to be in the picture. Your move, rest of league.

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