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Forget Hulk -- Axel Witsel is where it's at


Hulk talk is a necessary evil of transfer windows. Even the year after he's made a big money move, he's the subject of myriad transfer rumours -- ones that he doesn't even bother to deny, even. And since Chelsea have money, we get linked to the Brazilian, currently at Zenit St. Petersburg after leaving Porto for 40 million last summer, all the time.

It's difficult to figure out just what Hulk would bring to the team. He's... direct, I guess, but he struggles sometimes against experienced defenders who know what he's about to do and plays in the attacking midfield band, where Chelsea are least in need of help. That particular transfer rumour makes pretty much zero sense.

But Hulk wasn't Zenit's only 40 million buy last summer. They spent the same in activating Axel Witsel's release clause and bringing him in from Benfica. And unlike Hulk, Witsel's actually exactly the sort of player we need. A brilliant midfielder, combining energy and awareness with top-notch technique, it's difficult to find a flaw in Witsel's game. I mean, seriously. Watch:

Have I mentioned that he's Belgian? And better than Marouane Fellaini and Moussa Dembele? And is 24? And has an afro? These are all important things.

Like Hulk, Witsel hasn't had a great time of things at the famously intolerant club, and if Hulk's open to a move elsewhere, we could probably expect his colleague to be as well. If Zenit could be persuaded to sell for a little way below what they paid for him last summer, that would be a fantastic deal for the Blues.

I know there hasn't been a concrete link yet, but acquiring Witsel would make a lot more sense than going after Hulk. Do it, Emenalo. Do it!

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