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Apparently the Belgian media think Fellaini to Chelsea is still a possibility

Clive Brunskill

As soon as David Moyes signed with Manchester United, any thought of Marouane Fellaini moving to Chelsea seemed to evaporate in a puff of red smoke. Fellaini was a favourite of Moyes' at Everton, United have money and the need to buy... the outcome of that seemed natural.

But apparently, in some parts of the world, rumours of the big-haired one to Stamford Bridge are still alive and kicking:

Which... yeah, that's weird. Fellaini to Chelsea for £22 million makes some sense if you like his versatility, but Fellaini to Manchester United makes more sense considering their midfield is Michael Carrick and his brigade of incompetents and the fact that he already gets along with the manager.

So why is Fellaini to Chelsea still being talked about? I have no idea whatsoever. Are the Belgian media just obsessing about us hoovering up as much Belgian talent as possible?

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