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What's going on with Lazar Markovic?

Chelsea have been associated with Partizan Belgrade forward Lazar Markovic (better known in these parts as LAZAR SHARKOVIC*) for most of the past year, and unsurprisingly, considering that he's playing in the Serbian SuperLiga, reports are... somewhat confused.

*Not really, but I'm trying to make it happen.

I'm not really sure what's going on with the 19-year-old, who impressed last season, because there are at least two mutually-exclusive narratives in play. The first, as reported by the Mirror today, is that the Blues remain in the lead for Markovic, and that he wants to go to Stamford Bridge. The other is that he's being bought by Benfica.

According to the Serbian press (and as reported in A Bola), Benfica's seen by the people who own Markovic as the perfect mid-point between Partizan and Chelsea. Allowing him to develop at Benfica would certainly be in their best interests, as they'd make more money via the transfer market as Markovic develops further.

I have no idea which of these stories to believe and which to discard. At least one of them is nonsense, but aside from the Mirror being the Mirror there's not much to distinguish them either way. So choose your own adventure, or something. I got nothing.

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