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ESPN gives us an Andre Schurrle update

Dennis Grombkowski

Lost in all of the Jose Mourinho chat is Andre Schurrle, who's been wandering around like a slightly concerned and very bedraggled puppy looking for its master. The latest from Germany is that, despite everything seeming set for the 22-year-old to come to Stamford Bridge, the deal might suddenly end up falling through. ESPN, via Die Welt, explains why -- Bayer Leverkusen asked Chelsea to change the proposed loan of Kevin de Bruyne to two years rather than just one.

Although Schurrle wants to come and there are more negotiations to follow, the deal could very well fall apart in short order. That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. While I'm a big Andre Schurrle fan and think he'd give us a dimension we don't currently have out on the left, it's hardly controversial to suggest that strengthening a position in which we already have so many excellent players might not be the most efficient use of resources when there are glaring holes elsewhere.

As for de Bruyne, I think that Chelsea being willing to blow up a deal for Schurrle over a two-year request is, if true, a hugely positive sign. That would imply that they see any potential loan deal as polish before he returns to Stamford Bridge for 2014/15 -- he's part of the club's long term plans, even if they're not doing a great job of showing it right now.

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