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Monaco looking to tempt Terry away - should Chelsea consider selling?

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Michael Regan

We're not quite done with transfer rumours today, apparently. This one's to do with a possible departure, however, and it's much more interesting that the assumption that Jose Mourinho* is going to unceremoniously dump David Luiz on Barcelona. Instead, it's to do with John Terry, who's about to enter the last year of his deal -- and is apparently being courted by Monaco.

*By the way, Jose Mourinho is definitely Chelsea's manager. I've double-checked a few times to ensure I'm not hallucinating. Still feels awesome.

Monaco, of course, have a lot of money. They've acquired Radamel Falcao, James Rodriguez, Joao Moutinho and Ricardo Carvalho already this summer, and would be interested in Terry just because they're not allowed to sign any more Porto players or something. According to the Telegraph, they're willing to offer the Blues £7 million for the defender.

£7 million is a good chunk of money, and when you consider it would also clear Terry's £150,000 salary from the books as well, the financial reasons the Blues might be interested become clear. Thanks to incoming transfers being amortised while selling players results in a lump sum, the amount of money brought in from selling Terry could be used to disproportionate effect in the transfer market so long as the club's able to absorb future costs effectively.

So financially, this is almost certainly a wise decision. The centre back market is challenging right now, and Terry would be difficult to replace, but it's not as onerous as having to find an immediate replacement for a David Luiz or Branislav Ivanovic. It's been a while since Terry's been at his best. So should we sell?

I don't think so. Chelsea have enough money that financial considerations aren't the only factors to take into account. We're not a selling club, and Terry wants to stay then he should be allowed to do so rather than shipped off to Ligue 1 for an early retirement. It's very difficult to see him motivated to quit Stamford Bridge, even if Monaco are offering silly money.

I also contest the notion that he's washed up. He's not as quick as he used to be, for sure, and he gets caught out to often, but he's the club's natural leader and the defence is significantly more coherent when he's on the pitch (especially when he partners David Luiz, whose more aggressive tendencies he seems to be able to curtail). Chelsea would be losing much more than a rotational centre half should they sell Terry.

Ultimately, though, I think this comes down to rational finances versus the emotional cost of selling the captain. Chelsea's riches allow them to occasionally make economically suboptimal decisions in favour of the emotionally right thing to do. We saw that last month with Frank Lampard, and we can surely do the same again here.

Sell Terry? I say no.

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