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Don't trust today's Edinson Cavani talk

Giuseppe Bellini

There's an exciting rumour making the rounds in Italy that agent Jose Alberti has announced that Edinson Cavani will move to Chelsea. This was apparently said on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, and is probably going to cause a lot of fuss in UK circles within the next couple of days. So, in order to shoot this rumour down in advance: Alberti is not Edinson Cavani's agent.

I'm not even sure what Alberti is, but 'FIFA agents' appear to be used to lend credibility to stories that they generally know nothing about. Had this come from Claudio Anellucci, his actual agent, we might be excited -- as it this represents a guess from a man whose business it is to appear more knowledgeable about the workings of the game than he actually is. Cavani may well end up at Stamford Bridge this summer, but it's certainly not going to be announced by Alberti or anyone of his ilk.

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