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Kevin de Bruyne still unsure of future

Juergen Schwarz

Kevin de Bruyne's currently on duty with the Belgium national team ahead of a World Cup qualifier against Branislav Ivanovic and Serbia on Friday, and that gives him the opportunity to share some juicy quotes with the Belgian press. He's been the focus of much speculation this summer, with rumours of him being loaned to Bayer Leverkusen or sold for peanuts to Borussia Dortmund, and an interview with SportWereld gave him the chance to clear some of the confusion up.

Did he? No, not really. To the Google Translate machine! As always, if you have a better translation, let me know...

SW: Meanwhile Dortmund says it has an agreement with you and that you want to come only to them

KdB: Those are things between my manager and myself. It is better to be afterwards to talk about it.


SW: Were you surprised with the news that Mourinho was coach?

KdB: I was not really surprised... Mourinho is a good coach, what he has done with all his clubs proves it. But the important thing is not who my coach is, but where I can play the most and make the most progress. Currently everything is still open. I do not even know if I will go through preseason [with Chelsea].

SW: Is it a good thing that Mourinho is coach? He likes to work ... with established veterans.

KdB: I have not spoken to Mourinho, I would not know. But it is logical that the bigger clubs often preferred to work with established players ​​and the younger players get more opportunities in smaller clubs.

This doesn't sound like a player who's particularly pleased by the news that Jose Mourinho's back in town. He was deliberately lead down the path to that answer by the interviewer, but the response, while sensible -- he wants to progress as a player -- is still a little disquieting. Mourinho owes it to de Bruyne to at least sit down and chat with him rather than leaving the 21-year-old in the dark as to his future.

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