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Report: Chelsea FC put in €10m bid for de Rossi

This is actually a pretty compelling reason to buy him
This is actually a pretty compelling reason to buy him
Claudio Villa

Sounds like this Daniele de Rossi thing's not going to go away just yet. James Horncastle is relaying reports of a €10 million bid from Chelsea for the Roma midfielder:

If that's true, I'm a little concerned by it. De Rossi is already on a salary higher than €100,000 a week, and Chelsea would probably have to give him a raise to get him to leave Italy. That means that there's a significant hidden cost beyond the pure transfer fee -- we'd already be looking at a total of around €35 million over four years even with a 'low' €10 million bid, and he's not worth much more than that in my eyes.

That said, de Rossi's a good player who could help the club, even if he's rather elderly by the standards of our recent purchases. I'm worried about his recent lack of playing time -- he hasn't played more than 40 games in a season since 2010/11 -- and I think he's a tier below the top-level players I'd want in a Chelsea midfield, but then again so are all the midfielders we currently possess, and he brings something to the table nobody else in the centre does.

If Chelsea are opening the bidding at €10 million, it seems likely that they'll go higher. I don't think I like that idea very much, but if the club value de Rossi more highly than I do (or have more money than I expect), this one may actually drag out for a while.

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