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Think Jose Mourinho doesn't like David Luiz? Think again

Not plotting to ditch David Luiz. Probably
Not plotting to ditch David Luiz. Probably
Warren Little

Just in case you still thought there was anything to the idea that Jose Mourinho didn't think David Luiz could play football and was determined to have him shipped off to Barcelona/Siberia/Epsilon Eridani at the earliest opportunity, we have good news for you. Reddit user gregbobthe9th has dug up some interesting quotes from way back in 2010, before the centre back joined Chelsea -- and when Mourinho was trying to buy him to shore up the Real Madrid defence:

Mourinho is a confirmed admirer of the versatile defender, who is in line to make his full Brazil debut next month, but the Portuguese said: "I like him a lot, but he won't come to Madrid this year. It will be very difficult for him to leave. I'm not thinking about him at all this year. There was some contact, but the price is prohibitive."

Source: Mail.

Since David Luiz is a significantly better player now than he was with Benfica, if Jose Mourinho liked him enough to look hard at him three years ago, we might expect that he doesn't absolutely hate his guts now. In fact, we might go so far as to suggest that the talk about David Luiz not being Mourinho's type is due to the fact that football journalists seem to have their critical thinking faculties beaten out of them at a young age and therefore base their analysis of the sport on cliche. But that's only a theory.

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