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Chelsea rumour of the day: Wesley Sneijder linked to Blues switch

Lars Baron

Now that Chelsea have a manager in place -- and that manager is Jose Mourinho -- it was only a matter of time before the sillier transfer rumours began to emerge. Topping the silly list is the prospect of Galatasaray midfielder Wesley Sneijder coming to Stamford Bridge. Sources in Turkey are claiming that the 28-year-old is on his way to London for a transfer fee of €7.5 million plus his notoriously high wages, and that a deal could be completed soon.

Let's see why this doesn't make sense:

  • Wesley Sneijder is extremely expensive.
  • Wesley Sneijder hasn't had a world-class season since Jose Mourinho was last in charge of Inter Milan.
  • Chelsea have about eight billion attacking midfielders, at least three of whom are better players than Wesley Sneijder.

Let's see why this might make sense:

  • Mourinho and Sneijder have a great relationship.

Yeah, this is a silly rumour, but if, as I suspect, it's entirely nonsense, it gives you an idea of how these rumours propegate. First, you find some hook -- in this case it's that Mourinho and Sneijder are very close -- and then you concoct a reality in which said hook is all that's needed in order to secure a deal. In our case, how Mourinho may or may not feel about a player (see David Luiz), is the hook that many transfer rumours are going to be based on. Don't trust that sort of talk. The deals that most likely to happen and most worthy of your attention will be the ones addressing the needs of the club.

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