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Mourinho looking forward to working with players -- including David Luiz

Michael Regan

As soon as it became apparent that Jose Mourinho was coming to Chelsea a rather insidious rumour began making the rounds. It started small but has now progressed to the major papers, and it's one that made most of us here at We Ain't Got No History rather unhappy: David Luiz didn't fit into the Special One's plans and would therefore be sold, despite a transfer not making any sense at all considering the Blues' financial situation and the current state of the market.

Now that Mourinho's actually been announced as the manager, he's finally free to talk about the situation rather than leaving us all guessing as to his intentions. In his first interview the subject of David Luiz was very briefly touched upon. And, happily, he didn't give a negative answer. He's looking forward to working with the young players, including 'Hazard, Luiz, Oscar, all these player you mention'.

Yes, that's grasping at straws, but if he wanted to send out an anti-David Luiz message he could easily have done so by simply omitting him. I love David Luiz, I want this rumour -- which seems to stem directly from the orthodox (and misguided) perception of the Brazilian's defending -- to go away, and positive noises from Mourinho are going to help kill it. Hurray.

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