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Jose Mourinho plans long stay with Blues, hopes stability will help the squad

Ben Radford

One of the main criticisms of Jose Mourinho has been that he's rushed in and out of clubs, never sticking around for the long haul. Combine that with Roman Abramovich's tendency to feed managers to the sharks every few months, and it's understandable that many observers aren't expecting the Special One's second spell in charge of Chelsea to last very long.

But Mourinho himself isn't one of them. In an interview with Chelsea TV, the new manager says that he's expecting a different sort of time with the club this year, claiming that a squad this young needs stability in order to reach their potential -- and that he can provide it. Cue much chortling, but his claims that his wanderings around Europe with Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and then Real Madrid mark a series of formative steps before he settles around for a while with a club don't seem entirely implausible.

Stability is overrated, as our trophy haul over recent seasons have shown. But if Mourinho's around for the long haul, improving the team and winning games, I don't think anyone will complain. Of course, the man's a master of propaganda, and will almost certainly be saying what we want to hear... but you know, I'm having a happy day. I'm lapping it up anyway.

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