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Chelsea FC have made a bid for John Ruddy, according to reports

According to one of the worst papers in England, Chelsea were shot down in their first attempt at acquiring a homegrown backup keeper

Michael Regan

According to The Sun, Chelsea have made an approach about Norwich City's John Ruddy in an attempt to secure a new backup keeper. The Sun are an absolutely awful paper, but every once in a while they get something right. Since this deal makes sense in any number of ways for the Blues, here's what they had to say:

"It is understood the £5m offer included add-ons but Norwich dismissed the bid out of sight, with boss Chris Hughton looking to improve the squad rather than lose players."

Well ok then. Ruddy is a fine keeper, and would be a more than adequate backup at a top level club. I think most would ideally see our new backup keeper occupying a homegrown spot in England, and Ruddy would do just that. As a fit, the Norwich man is pretty close to ideal for a team with Petr Cech in the squad and Thibaut Courtois on loan.

All that said, the offer supposedly turned down for Ruddy seems pretty generous as is, and I'd be very unhappy if Chelsea decided to go any higher for a guy that will play a handful of games at best. While he's a good player with a favorable roster spot situation, £10 million will buy you an exponentially better keeper than John Ruddy. Unless Jose Mourinho and the coaching staff is seeing something I'm not (and that's a distinct possibility I suppose), I'd really hope this is the last we hear of this rumor.

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