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Aurelio de Laurentiis dismisses Cavani request

Giuseppe Bellini

One of the best players in football is stressed over his future. His signature is being sought out by huge clubs -- names like Chelsea and Real Madrid are vying for him. Concerned, he seeks face-to-face talks with his owner, to whom he's already shown significant loyalty by refusing to bolt at the first opportunity.

Aurelio de Laurentiis' response:

Which yeah that doesn't seem very nice. De Laurentiis has always been crazy -- the amusing kind of crazy that sees him flee meetings by hijacking scooters or lecture Marek Hamsik on Britain's hygiene habits as a reason not to move to the UK (don't ask) -- but this just looks mean-spirited. Edinson Cavani hasn't done anything wrong, and even if he does want to move on, shooting him down in public rather than at least having a face-to-face meeting with a player that's made/will make you a lot of money seems like it'd be the decent thing to do.

Doing business with this dude is going to be a big old pain.

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