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Cavani miffed by transfer speculation, wants clarification from Napoli

Ronald Martinez

It's funny how quick we are to blame the players for being involved in annoying transfer sagas. Last year, Eden Hazard was considered to be a primadonna simply because so many teams were trying to land him and he took so long to decide where to move. It seems silly in retrospect, but there were many voices -- Chelsea supporters among them -- who asserted that Hazard might not succeed in England because his constant teasing and hinting implied that he had a bad attitude.

The truth is somewhat less clear. It seems obvious to me that the Hazard was being orchestrated (and orchestrated very well) by his representatives, who flipped the media into overdrive mode with drip-feed of carefully selected quotes. Hazard was blamed because supporters need to blame someone, and most forget that there's a network of people involved in said deals.

Bringing this back to 2013, we're seeing a Hazardesque reaction to the extended pursuit of Cavani. It's rather annoying to be subjected to this day in and day out, and it's tempting to blame the player. But look on the bright side -- he has it worse than you:

Today I am of Naples, Naples I love, is my city and my heart is there, but while I was here in Brazil I heard voices and untrue thing about me. For this, now I want to talk soon with President De Laurentiis. We must clarify, I will speak with De Laurentiis as we speak among men, as soon as possible. I have always respected my city and my team; I will clarify with the president.

-Edinson Cavani (google translated). Source: Napoli Magazine.

It's fun to realise that the players don't really have a clue what's going on either. Summer's a blast.

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