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Report: PSV made an offer for Jeffrey Bruma, Chelsea want buyback option

Chelsea seem to have the right idea in their negotiations with PSV Eindhoven, as Michael Emenalo continues to show he's a far better man to run these negotiations than Frank Arnesen ever was

Martin Rose

We've known for several weeks that Jeffrey Bruma and PSV were interested in linking up for next season, and the Dutch media is reporting today that they've gone so far as to make an offer for his services. The report claims that the Blues are valuing the player at about €5 million, but would prefer to accept a lower fee with the addition of a buyback option.

If true, this makes all sorts of good sense for Chelsea in selling one of their young prospects. At this point I'd bet that Bruma won't develop into a Chelsea quality player, but it's still a bit early to give up all hope on a center back of that age. I'd imagine most would have assumed that Nemanja Matic would never become Chelsea quality either, but I doubt too many still believe that*.

*Even though he's certainly no worth anywhere near the valuation Benfica have reportedly placed on him

It does appear that Emenalo has learned from his predecessor's mistake with Matic, as the players Michael Emenalo sold to HSV during the summer of 2011 all had either a buy back or future sell-on incentives included in their deals. It would appear he's looking for the same sort of thing when doing a deal for Jeffrey Bruma, and I'd gladly take a lower fee in order to have an option to get him back if he develops into what we once thought he could become. The process appears to be good in these negotiations, and a good process leads to good results more often than not.

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