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Napoli claim Cavani decision will be made by July 20th

Maurizio Lagana

Everyone apart from the most hardcore Edinson Cavani fans is already sick of this transfer saga -- and the window's not even open yet. But fear not, Blues supporters! Napoli owner Aurelio de Laurentiis is coming in with good news:

I don't think Cavani will leave on 10th August, when his buyout clause expires. I'm confident in him, because I consider him a real man. He won't make me a joke of me. Should Cavani want to leave, he will decide it after a long period of reflection.

But by 20th July we will probably know everything about his future.

-Source: Radio RAI via Sky Sports.

July 20th seems like a long time from now (it's only June 23rd, after all), but that's less than a month away. We'll be free of this soon. Unless de Laurentiis is mistaken. Or means July 20th 2014. Or something. But what really matters is that there's an end in sight and I'll stop having to search for photos of Edinson Cavani soon. Hurray!

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