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David Luiz and Mourinho: In quotes

Scott Heavey

The David Luiz to a-club-that-isn't-Chelsea rumours just won't seem to die. And thanks to everyone asking the centre back about how badly Jose Mourinho wants to sell him, the geezer has become agitated. Downright cranky, even. Here's how the Sun recorded his answer:

I don’t want to answer that question.

They're taking that as a sign that David Luiz doesn't want to work under Mourinho, that he's been told he's out the door. My theory is that it's more likely that he's annoyed about how often he's been asked about it. Here's how he responded the first time he was quizzed about the Special One, way back in last week:

Everyone in football knows him. Many people say he’s great to work with. I follow football history and I know the history of Mourinho. He has huge credibility across the world and, of course, I’m excited when you are about to work with a very good coach.

I don’t know him but you see the way people talk about him, what he has achieved and the way he can turn a good player into a world-class player. If you work hard he helps you as your manager and gives you confidence. As a footballer that’s one of the most important things to have — confidence from everybody around you, and especially the manager. I guess he is one of those who can do this.

Source: Mail.

One assumes that David Luiz's opinion won't have changed much on its own over the course of seven days, so did he get information that made him grumpy? Perhaps; perhaps not -- but it remains true that there's no reason for Chelsea to be selling a popular, effective player who has no direct replacements on the open market and four years left on his contract. This rumour relies on the club being irrational, which makes it a little strange that it's getting so much traction.

This is obviously a situation that's going to be a major talking point until Mourinho himself clears it up one way or another. Fun times ahead.

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