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Perez apparently confirms Mourinho return

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Denis Doyle

All this talk about Jose Mourinho gives me an idea for a fun present. Buy your loved one (or your favourite Chelsea blogger, perhaps) a sexy brand new car! But withhold the spark plugs. Tell them you'll be sending them in the mail at some point in the future. They know it's there, know they're in line for something amazing, but they don't know when they'll actually get to try it out. It'd be incredibly frustrating. Then mail said spark plugs one by one until they can finally drive the thing that's been making them go crazy.

The latest spark plug to arrive is via Sky Sports and Real Madrid president Florentino Perez:

I haven't seen any actual quotes from Perez yet, which is weird seeing as Sky have managed to write an entire post about their own story and added zero content, but with all that's going on... well, we know what's coming. All hail Jose.