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The Premier League accidentally confirms Mourinho's return

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The official league website have accidentally leaked that Mourinho will sign for Chelsea on Monday June 3rd.

Julian Finney

Chelsea fans are all sitting around waiting for official confirmation that Jose Mourinho has indeed return to the club. Until it's official, despite all the evidence there'll always be a suspicion that we're about to be Robinho'd, and nobody wants that. But most others are more or less sure he's arrived.

And thanks to an oversight on the part of the Premier League official website, we have a clue when things are going to be official: June 3rd. How do we know? Because they've pre-written the post and allowed it to go live instead of waiting for Monday, allowing the eagle-eyed @NourAgha to spot it. Here's the mobile version and the full site (as well as a screenshot or two in case they figure out their mistake).

The only blank left to be filled in is the length of his contract, reported by the Sun last week to be four years. Other than that, everything looks in place -- although there might be a change of plans once the leak becomes public. Thanks, Premier League!