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Cavani: No official talks with suitors... yet

Edinson Cavani rotated 45 degrees
Edinson Cavani rotated 45 degrees
Giuseppe Bellini

We've been hearing from Edinson Cavani's family this summer regarding a possible transfer rumour. Why don't we get some quotes from the man himself? Because oh no he might talk about how awesome Real Madrid are!

I am very calm. Real Madrid are a beautiful team, every player dreams of playing there when he is a child. Those are things that they are talking from behind, as it will soon be seen. But officially nobody has talked with me.

Source: Sky Sports.

The interesting part of the quote isn't the bit about Real (if a footballer is asked about the prospect of moving to Real Madrid, they'll almost always have nice things to say about the club in response). It's that he hasn't actually had any official talks with his prospective suitors yet.

This is no surprise when you actually think about it, but considering the quotes last week from Mummy Cavani -- to refresh, she claimed he'd been talking to Manchester City and Real, which was interpreted to mean that Chelsea were falling behind in the hunt -- we apparently need a reminder that nothing's happening so far. And it's unlikely that anything will happen in the immediate future, since the 26-year-old is away at the Confederations Cup.

Long story short: There's no reason to be concerned about other teams being 'in the lead' for Cavani's services right now, even if it looks like he's favouring Madrid.

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